The Natural Travel Collection was formed by a management buy-out of well established travel brands. They needed their new business to work seamlessly from day one.

This was one of our smaller projects, but we include it to illustrate that there isn’t always a big and expensive computer system at the centre of our projects.

As a management buy-out, The Natural Travel Collection needed an information system sufficient to run their business on, but had neither the time nor the money to choose and adopt a new or complex system.

Thinkers helped the management team to identify all the data that needed to be transferred from the old company to the new company.  We specified the data transfer mechanisms, and how the data would be verified for completeness.

We also helped the management team to think through the way that the new business would work, and devised a simple but low-cost and effective architecture for the new business based on Access and Excel, which they had the skills to manage.  Although not the system of their dreams, it was fit for purpose to launch the new business.

Thinkers excel at clearing a thought pathway through a complex problem.

Chris Breen, Managing Director